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Multi-State Permit to Carry

Minnesota Permit to Carry and renewal classes

Ladies Only- Permit to Carry

Ladies Only Minnesota Permit to Carry and renewal classes

Pretty Loaded

Pretty Loaded™ is an innovative self-defense and situational awareness personal safety-training program.

Private Permit to Carry

A great option if you have a group of friends, family, or coworkers that would like to take the class together.

Handgun 101

This course was created with the new or novice shooter in mind.

Handgun Fundamentals

This course is designed to build on the basic knowledge from Handguns 101. Topics include shooting fundamentals such as proper Grip, Aim, Stance, Trigger Control, and Follow Through.

NRA Basic Pistol

Comprehensive pistol course covering safety, fundamentals of shooting, clearing malfunctions, ammo, shooting positions, gun cleaning, practice drills, and choosing the right gun for you. At the end of the course, you will receive an official NRA Basic Pistol certificate of completion .

NRA Range Safety Officer

Get Certified as an NRA Range Safety Officer

One on One training

This training is personalized to you and to your skill level.